Monday, April 22, 2013

going baroque

Dress by D&G from Wasteland // Boots by ASOS 

I have a major obsession with Wasteland, and it's not just because I worked there for several years and am a really nostalgic person. Simply put, they have the best stuff, the best staff, and there's nothing quite like searching through the racks and finding those one of a kind, mind-blowing gems. Exhibit A: this insane silk D&G dress with a baroque painting print of a naked guy flirting with a fancy lady. I mean, where else could I find something like this? Needless to say, I'm into it. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

wild horses

Top by Anna Sui // Jeans by Rich & Skinny // Boots by Diane Von Furstenberg // Hat by Coal Headwear // Bracelets and Arrowhead Necklace by Gold & Gray // Coin Necklace by Runes

I have to admit that when I started this blog, I saw myself as somewhat of an LA expert. Having been raised here since I was seven years old and never feeling even the slightest desire to live anywhere else, I thought I had seen just about everything this city had to offer. One of the most pleasant perks of blogging so far has been finding out how completely wrong I was. Example A: I live about 5 minutes from Griffith Park, and I've never ridden the ponies. 

Today I had the great pleasure of meeting Hank Bronk who has owned and managed the Griffith Park Pony Rides for over 50 years. Clearly, when it comes to being an LA expert, there's no way I can hold a candle to this guy. Hank was nice enough to show us around the facilities, share stories, and introduce us to some of his team of about 150 ponies. I took a special liking to the Shetlands, who looked like the cutest little ragamuffins as they're currently in the middle of shedding their thick winter coats. Unfortunately I'm over the 13 year old age limit to ride the ponies, but we'll definitely be back to visit our new friend Hank and to see these sweet little horses in action. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

tough love

Dress & Jacket by Elkin // Bag by Phillip Lim // Boots by Marc by Marc Jacobs
Photos by Cristopher Leigh

So my favorite designers/ people in general, Elkin, had an amazing sample sale and I might have gone a little bit overboard, but, um, yolo. I'm pretty sure a few other sample-salers wanted to kill me for this jacket, and I don't blame them -- with perfect motorcycle jacket styling and shimmery metallic tweed sleeves, it strikes the perfect chord between ladylike sweetness and tough biker chick. I might even go so far as to say it's classy and kick-assy. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

blue jean baby

Top by Stone Cold Fox (buy it here) // Jeans by Cheap Monday (buy them here) // Boots by Madewell // Hat by Kangol // Bag by Phillip Lim
Photos by Cristopher Leigh

Two words: boyfriend jeans. Two more words: into them

I have to admit that I've never worn boyfriend jeans before (I'm pretty sure the camoflage cargos I wore in my Spice Girls phase don't count), but this pair of perfectly faded and cropped Cheap Mondays may have completely converted me. I love how they toughen up a flirty crop top like this one, while simultaneously making me feel like I could paint a house or change a tire or hang out on a famously haunted bridge like I'm doing here and not even be scared. So what's the verdict: are you totally crushing on boyfriend jeans too?

Sunday, March 31, 2013

between heaven and earth

So enchanted by this dark and dreamy editorial styled by Brazilian styling duo Mauriciano Mariano & Alessandro Lazaro. Getting major Paolo Roversi vibes from this and I am feeling it! See the full set in all of its glory here

"Between Heaven and Earth"
Magazine: Kaltblut Magazine
Photographer - Bruna Castanheira
Fashion Editors - Mauriciano Mariano & Alessandro Lazaro
Beauty - Liege Winiewski
Model - Ellen Pinaffi
Photo Assistant - Natalia Kaneshiro

Friday, March 29, 2013

velveteen dream

Anja Dress by For Love & Lemons (buy it here), Necklace by Gold & Gray (buy it here), Digit Rings by Carrie Hoffman Jewelry, Hat by Coal Headwear, Boots by ASOS, Bag by Phillip Lim 

As you've probably already gathered, I'm into velvet. Like really, REALLY into velvet. I'm also really into babydoll dresses, Moroccan stuff, and things that change color in the light, hence why this dress by one of my favorite brands For Love & Lemons is pretty much perfect. In fact, it's so perfect that it makes me feel like dancing around in a field like I'm in some sort of fabric softener commercial or Taylor Swift video -- but that's perfectly normal behavior after buying something you really, really like, right?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

hiking boots

Vintage velvet shawl, Dress by Stylestalker, Necklaces by Gold & Gray, Boots by 80%20, Hat by Kangol
Photos by Cristopher Leigh

Wardrobe lesson #1: Practical dressing is boring dressing. 
Who needs hiking boots when you can wear rad oxblood wooden-heeled booties? They make walking up hills much easier (and walking down them much harder but whatever), and also happen to perfectly match two of my new favorite things: this burnout velvet fringe kimono and pink hat which is actually swirled with different shades of wool, giving it a sweet marbled effect. Top it all off with some Gold & Gray jewelry (seriously, have yet to find something that these necklaces don't look amazing with) and voila -- a perfectly impractical outfit ideal for hiking in Griffith Park as the sun sets. 
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