Monday, March 18, 2013

ballrooms of mars

Photos by Cristopher Leigh

There are few things I enjoy more than taking roadtrips, so my birthday weekend seemed like the ideal time to pack up the car, turn up the radio, and head out to explore some of the weirdest, most awesome places in existence which just so happen to be within about a two hour drive from LA. First spot on our list of places to visit was the Salton Sea -- a giant manmade salt lake in the middle of the desert, surrounded by nothing but the occasional trailer or abandoned shack, lots of fish bones, and possibly the people from "The Hills Have Eyes." Being here almost feels like stepping foot on another planet or a post-apocalyptic resort town, which is exactly why I love it so much. 

Speaking of things I love, I'm so excited to finally feature some pieces from my friend Lily's amazing jewelry line, Gold & Gray. I promise I'm not even being biased when I say that her jewelry is so gorgeous and easy to wear, and I'm obsessed with how it instantly adds a luxe hippie vibe to any outfit, which I'm obviously all about. The detail on these things is incredible, from each tiny hand-tied knot to every handmade tassel, making them truly unique treasures perfect for piling on for a look that's all your own. Get to know more about Lily and her dreamy jewels by following her on Pinterest


  1. You look SO gorgeous!!! Love love love this!

    XO Lily

  2. Love the dresssss. Stunning pictures.

  3. The dress is so so so beautiful! LOVE IT!



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