Wednesday, March 27, 2013

hiking boots

Vintage velvet shawl, Dress by Stylestalker, Necklaces by Gold & Gray, Boots by 80%20, Hat by Kangol
Photos by Cristopher Leigh

Wardrobe lesson #1: Practical dressing is boring dressing. 
Who needs hiking boots when you can wear rad oxblood wooden-heeled booties? They make walking up hills much easier (and walking down them much harder but whatever), and also happen to perfectly match two of my new favorite things: this burnout velvet fringe kimono and pink hat which is actually swirled with different shades of wool, giving it a sweet marbled effect. Top it all off with some Gold & Gray jewelry (seriously, have yet to find something that these necklaces don't look amazing with) and voila -- a perfectly impractical outfit ideal for hiking in Griffith Park as the sun sets. 


  1. Stunning! The hat is SO cute! And are the boots new? Don't recognize them :)

    gold & gray

  2. Love this! One of my favorite Kimono's to date!

  3. oh my, how amazing your blog is, I'm so happy I found it! I love everything about your style, your outfits, your glorious hair, and all these pictures... oh my, oh my ♥


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